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VMaxPuzzle2 Applet

Real looking dices
Drag, Drop and Rotate
Multiple puzzle images in one applet.

Easy to play
Easy to install 
JavaScript handlers for ONSOLVE and ONSOLVEALL events.

Try it yourself !

Applet Tag Example

<APPLET CODE=vmaxpuzzle2.class WIDTH=340 HEIGHT=300 MAYSCRIPT
><PARAM NAME="IMAGE0"     VALUE="vmcafemap.gif, 80, 3"
><PARAM NAME="IMAGE1"     VALUE="test.gif, 80, 3"
><PARAM NAME="ONSOLVE"    VALUE="alert('Congratulations, you solved this one, press X button for next one')"
><PARAM NAME="ONSOLVEALL" VALUE="alert('Sorry, There are no more puzzles available');"
><PARAM NAME="ONHELP"     VALUE="'vmaxpuzzle2help.html','HelpWin','width=400,height=300,location=no,toolbar=no,status=no,menubar=no')"
><PARAM NAME="AUTHOR"     VALUE="Virtual_Max ("
><PARAM NAME="KEY"        VALUE="Free Version"

Parameters description

IMAGE0.. IMAGEn Puzzle Images, must be enumerated from 0 and don't have missed numbers. This parameter consists of 3 tokens separated with comma. First is image URL (use of relative URLs to applet codebase, to avoid security exceptions), Second token is puzzle cell size in pixels and last token is cell borders overlaping in pixels.
Applet  support Non-interlaced, non-animated, non transparent GIF images and JPG images with compression "Baseline standard". 
BGCOLOR Applet background color in hexadecimal rrggbb format, same as html hexadecimal colors are, but without # radix symbol.
CELLSIZE size of puzzle cells in pixels
OVERLAP cell overlaping in pixels.
ONSOLVE JavaScript expression to evaluate when one puzzle solved
ONSOLVEALL JavaScript expression to evaluate when all puzzles solved
ONHELP JavaScript to evaluate when ? button clicked.
AUTHOUR Obligatory parameter, don't alter it's value.
KEY You are welcome to use this applet free with KEY "Free Version". Free Version will ignore ONHELP parameter and  always will show help page from Virtual_Max's Cafe, which includes advertizing link to Virtual_Max's Cafe site. Registered users can place here key which will unlock the Applet  and will allow user definable ONHELP handler.

Some Tips

Choosing images. Your images can have different sizes, but must satisfy the following condition: Image width and height must be dividable on defined cellsize without remainder. Example: 320 x 240 image with  cellsize set to 40 pixels will be OK, but  Image 325x433 with cellsize set to 30 will be truncated to 300x420.
Note again that GIF images must be nonanimated, nontransparent, noninterlaced ones, and JPGs must have compression "baseline standard". Other formats can cause problems in different browsers.

Choosing Applet Width and Height. Get the largest height and largest width among your images, add 24 pixels to height and 4 pixels to width, than add doubled overlaping size to both. You would get minimal required width and height of APPLET tag.

Choosing colors: It strongly recommended to use websafe colors. Those colors are ones which fit 216 colors websafe palette. This colors can be combined from 00,33,66,99,CC or FF
hex values for each color component in RRGGBB format. This gives you 6 gradations of each color component (red blue and gree). 00 means black, FF means maximum color. Examples: FF0000 will gives red color 00FF00 will be Green and FFCC99 will be mokko.

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